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About Us

JIUJIANG UNIONSLATE is one of the earliest natural slate producer and exporter in China since 2005. 
Relying on our skilled workers, qualified technicians and best local slate and quartzite quarries, we are able to output large quantities of various products at economical prices. 
Until now, we export slate/quartzite products mainly to: Spain, UK, Chile, France, Italy and UAE. Besides above market, we have long term business partners and distributors all over the world. 
Our young team could help you do better in your local market competition! We develop latest natural stone pattern and design every month, to meet this intense market competition. Our skillful workers and production manager have been in this slate business more than 15 years, know each market’s quality request and ensure you best package and delivery! 


Company Address: Yi County, BaoDing city,HeiBei province, China

Factory Address: XingZi County, JiuJiang city, JiangXi province, China

Email:general@unionslate.com  sale1@unionslate.com  allslate@hotmail.com

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